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Draconis Rex – combat game

Once there were giants in the earth.

Before the age of man there was a time of powerful creatures who ruled the air and the land. Their wings blotted out the sun and nothing could stand before their vast power.  Giants they were and their memory remains with man as a symbol of power. No creature of the land or the air could stand against a Dragon save another Dragon. And fight they did. Fierce battles for supremacy for only one Dragon could be the Dragon King, Draconis Rex.


This is a miniatures game involving dragons battling each other for supremacy. It uses 3D rules to allow battle from the surface of the earth to high in the sky. The rules are made to allow the game to be played on any surface, not a specific board. It’s the perfect game to set up in a hotel room, the hallway at your favorite convention or anywhere the urge for battle grips you.

Very few items are needed to play this game – it’s a fast beer and pretzels kind of battle that can be played out with as many players as you desire in a very short amount of time.


Click the link to the right to download the PDF rules:    draconis_rex

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