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Ice Volcano of the Sheep God – a drink

Even though the A Taste for Drink website is no more, I can still share cool drinks with you.  I call this original drink:

IceBuild in a large glass vessel to view layers (liquid ingredients are assumed to be 1 ounce portions except grenadine and bitters)
• 3/4 fill the glass with shaved or crushed ice
•Add 1 part each of  pineapple and passion fruit or mango juice
•Drizzle grenadine and a couple dashes of Pechauds bitters on this.
• Add amber rum.
• Float coconut milk
• Float black strap rum
• Float an orange peel cup
• Fill peel with 151 or overproof rum and ignite. Shout: “Volcano – BOOM”
• Chant something witch doctor-ish, blow out and adorn with an umbrella and fruits.

This was made for a bartending competition with a tiki drink theme. Our team was called Team Tiki Short Bus and I was the bartender and creator of the drink. The rest of the team served as bar backs and entertainment for the crowd. The goal was to create a cocktail as would have been served in the heyday of “Don the Beachcomber”, “Waikiki Beach”, or “Trader Vic’s” in the 1930’s-1960’s. Elaborate concoctions of Rum and juice with homemade Syrups and Bitters. High Octane and theatrically presented in tiki statues, coconuts or other outrageous glasses with umbrellas, fruit spears, garlands, garnish and FIRE.

Unfortunately we only took second place because our presentation was ruined by my inability to get the fire to ignite. The winner had a flawless fire effect.


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