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Treasures of Tortuga – a pirate card game

Yarrrr Treasures of Tortuga

I built this game for up to 6 players using the standard deck although nothing would prevent additional decks being created to have a huge playing field.

Each player takes on the identity of a pirate and by carefully assigning points to different categories each turn the pirates attempt to capture the treasures hidden on tropical islands. Players battle with each other, raid each other’s storage and try every dirty trick in the book to capture the most treasure.

This is a print and play game which can be learned in a matter of minutes. The only part that requires assembly – if you want – is the Treasure Island deck which comes with both faces and backs of cards which must be assembled. It’s not required but it will make that part of play more pleasing to the eye and make the deck easier to identify from other cards.

Download the zip file and extract it to receive 4 pdf files of the rules, treasure cards, tortuga cards, and prestige cards.

You’ll need to supply 10 markers per player (glass beads or pawns work well)

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