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31 Tastes of Terror – Book

Tales and cocktails to prepare for Halloween or make any night of drinking – spookier31 Tastes of Terror

Do you like Halloween? Scary stories? Would you like to have some amazing cocktails to serve for this spooky season?

This book is for you!

This book was a labor of love by Ed Walker,  a man who loves good drinks and spooky stories with equal fervor. Having gathered together 31 great cocktails and tales of terror from author Edmund de Wight, 31 Tastes of Terror is a tome guaranteed to tickle your liver and send tingles up your spine.

Within you will find 31 spooky cocktails to set the mood for your October festivities. Each tale of the supernatural and macabre is accompanied by a drink to help you survive the ghosts and ghouls that stalk the dark October nights.

Curl up beside the fire with a new drink and a new tale of terror for each night in October.

Count down the days to All Hallows Eve or just enjoy a new story and drink any night of the year.

Tales range from witches to ghouls, vampires to zombies, and ghosts to dread creatures from beyond the outer dark.

Here are the drinks you’ll drown your fears with. Each is accompanied by an original work of fiction:

October 1: Howling Banshee
October 2: Blood Cocktail
October 3: Blue Ghost
October 4: Corpse Reviver
October 5: Delusion
October 6: Devil’s Blood
October 7: Devil’s Cocktail
October 8: Diarrhea Draught
October 9: Floating Brain
October 10: Floating Ghost
October 11: Gothic Punch
October 12: Green Snatcher
October 13: Heart of Darkness
October 14: Beast’s Breakfast
October 15: Jersey Devil Cocktail
October 16: Lady Death
October 17: Mad Scientist
October 18: Mexican Murder Scene
October 19: Satan
October 20: Pond Scum #18
October 21: Purple Ghost
October 22: Piranha Punch
October 23: Satan’s Whiskers
October 24: Sewer Water
October 25: The Loving Kraken
October 26: The Widower
October 27: Werewolf
October 28: Witch Doctor
October 29: Witches Cauldron
October 30: Witching Eve
Halloween: Zombie


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