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Game – I’m Going Straight To

I used to design games for fun (and occasionally profit) and I really loved making board games, card games and designing role playing games. Most of that stuff has moved into the deep mists of my computer’s folder system never to be seen again.


This game was the last one I designed and quite frankly I’m rather proud of it. It’s very simple and built for 2 to 6 players (the higher the number the better). Players are souls in the afterlife. They begin their sojourn in Limbo and from there battle each other to gather other souls to themselves to either become a powerful Angel in Heaven or a Demon in Hell.

I'm going straight to...

It’s a great beer and pretzels game with a little strategy involved in hoarding your power and bidding points to fight your opponents as well as the luck of the dice.

Here’s a free copy in PDF format that you can download. Print out the game pieces at the back of the rules to play. You’ll only need to provide a few items outside the printout – dice, pawns, and some sort of token to track your power.

I hope you enjoy this game. I’ve had fun designing it. Let me know what you think in the comments and also let me know if you want to see more games.



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