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Eagle Claw Pocket Pal

This is another of my Pocket Pal concepts. It’s an Eagle Claw which will come out of a pocket and be clawing at the wearer’s chest. I previewed the concept in the Pocket Pals post. Originally it had some art around the claw tip of the cloth being shredded but as I carved the lino […]

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Pocket Pals

I like printed tee shirts but wanted to do something a bit different. I happen to have several tee shirts with pockets and thought that having critters reaching or popping out of the pocket would be cute. It would allow some of the same creativity as a tee design but on a smaller scale for […]

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I think I found a linocut focus

After doing my first holiday card I think that greeting cards may be a focus for my linocut efforts. I have dabbled with some tee shirt printing and frameable prints but considering I’m learning this not only for myself but also as a potential product source for my wife’s and my business, I think handmade […]

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