Death Songs – short story collection – supernatural

Death Songs – short story collection – supernatural

A collection of short stories by Edmund de Wight.

What will you do when Death comes knocking?Death Songs

Death lurks around every twist in the path, within every dark shadow. The Gods may demand more than humans are willing to give. Spirits from beyond the grave can rise from cursed ground to walk among the living bringing horror and death. Death may come in the most innocuous of guises when one least expects or death may be expected but still fought against to the last breath.

Death Songs presents four short stories of people facing death, or something worse.

  • A tribe’s medicine man must appease the gods before his village drowns.
  • A woman faces off with vengeful spirits to protect her village from death.
  • A man encounters a woman with a strange profession after a violent disaster.
  • A lone man stands up to the spirit world to protect his wife.

This is a great introduction to the short fiction of Edmund de Wight.

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