Nightmare War: Initiate – novel – supernatural

Nightmare War: Initiate – novel – supernatural

Dream or Reality?

Something is hunting 17 year old Alex Black – in his dreams.Nightmare War: Initiate


Alex is a teenager from a small Virginia town. When he’s not dodging the school bully he’s worried about surviving school, getting his driver’s license and-if he’s lucky-maybe finding a girlfriend. He gets so worried that he’s having nightmares and it appears that the threats in his dreams are beginning to punch through into the real world. He wonders if he’s going crazy.


That’s what the West calls the demon in the dark; Darawigal is what the Aborigine who comes into his life teaches Alex to call the dark creature that can reach from the depths of the psyche to kill in the real world.

Alex’s father fell before the powers of Nightmare years before, young Alex must now take his place in the war for the soul of the human race.

Nightmare War: Initiate breaks down the barriers between dream and reality. A shy teen is drawn into a secret war and is initiated into the ways of a secret society that has defended humanity since time immemorial.

Everyone knows that dreams can take us to the heights of fantasy or the depths of despair and terror; young Alex Black gets to experience all these and more as he struggles to survive with his ‘maybe’ girlfriend Robin and his unexpected mentor the mysterious Aborigine, Warrigal.

Edmund de Wight is no stranger to danger or dreams and he channels every horror and joy of his most fantastic dreams into this book.

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Nightmare War: Initiate 

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