The Grinning One – novella – horror

The Grinning One – novella – horror

The Grinning One

A novella by Edmund de Wightgrincover

Jonathan Pettigrew, a Vegas magician whose career has taken a dive after the accidental death of his assistant. Things turn dark when he discovers a devil in a small Mexican town.
He will travel far to gain true power, even at the cost of his soul.
The Grinning One is an ancient demon, worshiped as a deity by some and feared universally by all. It is released into the world and the magician must learn how to control the evil one or die with the rest of humanity.
Jonathan strives against other magicians and the demon in search of power, love and the meaning of his life.
A novella of magic, horror and Faustian deals. An exciting romp into the dark side.

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