Tonight, on Ghost Discovery – short story

Tonight, on Ghost Discovery – short story

A new short story from Edmund de Wight.

ghost-cover Do you believe in ghosts?

Walter wasn’t sure if he believed but he knew that the ghost hunters on the television show Ghost Discovery didn’t have a clue about anything. His favorite pastime was watching them scream and run from every little sound while he berated them from the safety of his living room. That is until he suddenly died and became a ghost himself.

Intent on teaching the ghost hunters how scary a real ghost could be he travels to the famous Ghost Museum only to find that ghost hunting is much more terrifying in person than on the television.

With a ghost devouring demon in pursuit, Walter must learn how to access his powers as a ghost or be consumed and cease to exist.

This short story springs from Ed’s love of ghost hunting shows and his off-hand comment that if he ever came back as a ghost he’d have to show up at Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas (which happens to be right down the street from him) just to mess with them.  

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