Spacefarer: Alien Bane

200alien-bane-coverTitle: Spacefarer: Alien Bane
Series: Malbane Chronicles #2
Release Date: 2/2/2022
Contributors: Edmund de Wight
Pages: 560

Is the person next to you a monster?

They can look like anyone: your neighbor, your friend, your spouse. How would you even know?

Aliens have invaded the Interstellar Trade Commonwealth and are hiding in plain sight. Free Agent Malbane is hunting them.

After their adventures in Fanatic’s Bane, Malbane and her crew of Custodes are back and must work with new friends and old foes to uncover hidden aliens, free Barbo from their control, and save the Commonwealth before it’s too late.

Alien Bane is a high action space opera with a touch of horror. If you want a two fisted adventure hero like Jason Bourne, a tough, smart heroine like Honor Harrington, and horrors from the outer darkness like Alien or The Thing, Alien Bane is for you.

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